After School Enrichment Programs


Spring Session: 1/27/20 to 5/4/20

Mondays 2:45pm-3:35pm

Groove with us in Let’s Dance for an energetic and creative dance class right at your child’s school! Let’s Dance provides students in K-3rd with the opportunity to learn new skills, grow self-confidence, and build friendships while dancing to popular, up-beat music in an encouraging environment. Our teachers guide dancers through an exciting class of hip-hop and jazz technique supplemented by fun improv and creative movement exercises. Each semester ends with an applause-filled recital for family and friends. See you on the dance floor!

Spring Session



Fall Session: 8/20/19-12/3/19

Tuesdays 2:45pm-3:45pm

Clay Play explores the elements of hand-building in clay while learning to enjoy and experiment in the creative process. Emphasis is not on the finished product itself, but on the process involved in clay- play. Connection to the true self, the creative self, is practiced as a way of preparation in each class. 

Fall Session



Fall Session: 8/21/19 - 12/4/19

Wednesday 2:45pm-4:30pm

During the 2019-2020 season, we will be working on basic theatrical skills using theater games, choreography, and vocal coaching while preparing for a fully staged production of Alice in Wonderland, Jr.  This is a year-long program.  All students are required to enroll for the first semester to be eligible for participation in the Spring musical.  Casting for the Spring musical will happen during the Fall semester, so all students will be expected to enroll for the entire year.  

Fall Session



Fall Session: 8/23/19 - 12/6/19

Fridays 2:45pm-3:45pm

We aim to SPARK the excitement of young people for ART, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY in a setting that allows them to explore, question, and experiment with fascinating facts, projects and activities. Through discovery based learning, students carry out experiments, engage in team activities, create artistic masterpieces, build and program robots, learn new technologies, and see how art & science works in the real world. Our programs are full STEAM ahead…Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math and designed to inspire future innovators!

Fall Session



Fall Session: 8/19/19 to 12/2/19

Mondays 2:45pm-3:35pm

Terrific Scientific Robotic Programs uses LEGO® bricks, KNEX, StarBots, Goldiblocks, etc that emphasize a mixture of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) and great tools that foster imaginative thinking. Our programs are designed for youth 6-15 years old.

Fall Session



Fall Session: 8/21/19 - 12/4/19

Wednesday 2:45pm-3:35pm

Turn up the volume and rock out with Guitar Club this semester! Our encouraging and experienced teachers are ready to help your child develop their own musical ability, self-confidence, and creativity as they prepare for an exciting final performance!

Fall Session



Fall Session: 8/22/19 to 12/5/19

Thursdays 2:45pm-3:30pm

BiLinguix® is a Full Immersion foreign language program specially designed for children. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to be exposed to other cultures and learn a second language.  Our programs go far beyond sitting in front of a book, they allow students to experience culture and real life situations that are meaningful to them!

Fall Session



Spring Session: 1/28/20-5/5/20

K-2nd: Tuesdays 2:45pm-3:30pm

Fall Session: 8/22/19 to 12/5/19

3rd-5th: Thursdays 2:45pm-3:30 pm

Cheer at East Cobber Parade, Wheeler High School Football game, East Cobb Middle Football game, Wheeler basketball game, and perform for various school events!

To register, text a clear picture of the filled out form to 678-524-8115 or send by email to Venmo, Pay Pay, or checks should be made payable to Karina Cordisco. 

Fall Session


Marietta Martial Arts

Fall Session: 8/21/19 - 12/4/19

Wednesday 2:45pm-3:30pm

Our Karate classes in Marietta will help kids improve FOCUS which leads to over all greater confidence both in school and in other activities! Martial Arts schools use taekwondo to increase your child's self-discipline and self-control plus enhance their level of respect – all while having fun!

Fall Session



Fall Session: 8/23/19 - 12/6/19

Fridays 2:45pm-3:35pm

Soar into KidzKeys this semester and learn piano skills that will last a lifetime! KidzKeys provides students in K through 2nd Grade an environment to explore and express their own creativity - all while having fun learning with friends! Our experienced teachers work with students to develop their own musical abilities, promote self-confidence, and encourage teamwork

Fall Session


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After School Enrichment Programs begin the week of January 27th!

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