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After School Enrichment Programs

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After School Enrichment Programs start the week of January 22!
The Sedalia Park Foundation facilitates the following after school enrichment programs in which your child can learn, grow and thrive. 
Upon dismissal* from school, participating students will proceed to their registered program.
A portion of all class fees supports activities that benefit students and teachers at our school! 







*These Enrichment Programs are offered on days with regularly scheduled dismissal at 2:20pm. Please note that these Programs are not available during scheduled breaks such as Fall, Winter or Spring Break.



Spring Session starts 1/22/24

Mondays 2:45 - 3:35pm

Session Fees: $199

Jump into Let’s Dance for an energetic and creative dance class! Students in K - 3rd grade learn new dance steps, grow in self-confidence and master choreography to popular, up-beat music in an encouraging environment. See you on the dance floor!



Fall Session starts 1/26/24

Fridays 2:45 - 3:35pm
Session Fees: $220

KidzKeys uses color and tons of FUN to introduce students in K - 2nd grade to the joy of playing the piano. Using the colorful Chroma-Notes system and Kodaly rhythm syllables, students quickly learn musical notation while they play familiar songs that they will love to practice in class and at home. Our experienced teachers do a great job with both beginners and little Mozarts, and no musical experience is necessary to join! Each session concludes with a recital for family and friends. 


Marietta Martial Arts

Fall Session starts 1/24/24

Wednesdays 2:45 - 3:30pm
Session Fees: $209

At Marietta Martial Arts, we believe that martial arts training encompasses all aspects of a student's life! As students participate in our classes, parents quickly see that we place a high value on individual development and focus on "Future Black Behavior" in an encouraging and positive environment! 


Cheer Club

Spring Session starts 1/23/24

Tuesdays 2:45 - 3:30pm
Session Fees: $220

Students will focus on the fundamentals of cheerleading including cheers, dance routines, jumps and stunts...all while having a blast with their friends! Your student will showcase what they have learned at a local cheer competition. Cheer Club is open to all grades, boys and girls!



Spring Session starts 1/25/24

Thursdays 2:45 - 3:35pm

Session Fees: $379

After “adopting” their very own plush kitten, students will role-play the key responsibilities of a veterinarian, including how to properly perform a nose-to-tail exam. These future veterinarians will learn how to sew stitches, remove ticks, make healthy treats, and vaccinate their cat.


Geo STEAM Enrichment

Spring Session starts 1/26/24
Fridays 2:45 - 3:45pm
Session Fees: $265

In this exciting enrichment class, students will see the world through the scope of a Geographer and Geologist. They will explore well known monuments and places by learning about the geology, environment and culture of those places. Hands-On Lab experiments and Art Projects will give students new insight and understanding of the world around them, while learning to read maps and understand directional relationships between people, landforms and civilizations. Our programs are full STEAM ahead…Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math and designed to inspire future innovators!


Little Actor's Studio, 1ST - 5TH

Year Long Session continues 1/10/24
Wednesdays 2:45 - 3:45pm

Session Fees (Both Semesters): $300

We love teaching the art of theatre to little actors and watching them shine! Your student will participate in a fully staged production of "I Need a Vacation". All students are required to enroll for the first semester to be eligible for participation in the Spring musical. Casting for the Spring musical will happen during the Fall semester, so all students will be expected to enroll for the entire year.  



Spring Session starts 1/22/24

Mondays 2:45 - 3:45pm
Session Fees: $265

In these dynamic sessions, students in 2nd - 5th will build robotic models featuring working motors and sensors! Students will be grouped based on grade level and experience. There will be multiple levels of projects including Snap Circuitry, drone tech, LEGO, WeDO, and more. Our programs are full STEAM ahead…Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math and designed to inspire future innovators!



Spring Session starts 1/24/24

Wednesdays 2:45 - 3:35pm
Session Fees: $185

Guitar Club gives students in 2nd - 5th Grade the opportunity to play exciting music with their friends! Using our three year, three-tier curriculum, students will learn songs ranging from classic rock to contemporary pop songs. Our encouraging and experienced teachers are ready to help both beginning and advanced students, so no musical experience is necessary to have fun in our class! Your child will develop their own musical ability, self-confidence, and creativity as they prepare for an exciting final performance!


SMart Art Club

Fall Session starts 1/25/24

Thursdays 2:45 - 3:45pm
Session Fees: $279

All ages and skill levels love our class while producing frame-worthy art piece every week! High quality fine art
supplies are included and a special snack provided at the beginning of class!

We love to celebrate all holidays and seasons with Art. We encourage a positive, self-
esteem building atmosphere! Our art teachers are mature, experienced, degreed,
AND love K-5 kids! Join Us! Questions? Call Kirsten Haley 404-313-2999 

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