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Sedalia Park Needs Your Help!

How often do you get the chance to improve the world for thousands of local students?

Sedalia Park Elementary is a Title 1 school in Marietta serving nearly 900 students, 60% of which qualify for free or reduced meals, and including a significant population of special needs children.


The small investment you make today will pay off big time, creating opportunities for greater health, fitness and joy for countless current and future Park Students. And when we improve our our school, we improve the local community, which can benefit us all. 

Donations in any amount are welcomed and appreciated (and 100% tax deductible!).

Donations can also be sent via mail to:


Sedalia Park Foundation, P.O. Box 6053, Marietta, GA 30065 

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Sedalia Park Foundation Inc.

P.O. Box 6053

Marietta, GA 30065

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